About Us

Founded in 2010, MOX P Petroleum Company Ltd is an integrated regional downstream oil marketing company with business operations ranging from international oil trading to marine and inland terminals, retail networks, lubricants, and liquid petroleum gas.

MOX petroleum has positioned itself as a leading brand name in the supply of fuel and lubricants to retailers and wholesalers in the motor vehicle, industrial, agricultural, military, aviation, and marine industries. We are an established business in East and Central Africa with our footprint in Kenya, Dubai, South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and DRC Congo.

Our Values

The following principles were set by the company’s founders. These guide our business operations and our approach to client interaction:


We understand that we can only grow with the support and goodwill of our customers. For this reason, we endeavour to keep our customers happy and satisfied by providing an irresistible value proposition that includes high-quality supplies, timely delivery and the best rates in the market.


Our heavy investment in handling and supply chain logistics gives us an unrivalled ability to ensure the safe delivery of all product categories on time and every time.


We keep our word and honour our promises even in situations when our competitors retract.


We invest in cutting edge technology, and we advise our clients on the latest, effective and pocket-friendly solutions in the market.


We endeavour to achieve a clean and green environment by embracing and promoting the principles of sustainable environmental management in all our operations. This includes the safe and effective disposal of used oils in line with existing legal and regulatory provisions